In the spirit of fixer uppers and turning trash to treasure, one crafty customer recently turned his home into something out of a magazine. Or as Diane Keaton would say: “The House That Pinterest Built”. Most of the time, a room transformation like what you would see on HGTV seems unattainable. However, we were able to put together some tips on how to turn your blank canvas into that magazine clipping you have on your vision board.

Start From The Ground Up

You have acquired the space, you have cleaned up, now what? Like every good artist, you need a strong canvas to highlight your own originality. You may think, oh the walls look fine, but a coat of paint can go a long way! Do not be afraid of neutral colors making the space look “boring”, a calm color always sets the mood when you come home from a hectic day. Think of tans, light greys, or a crisp white that will help capture some natural light to brighten the place up. Also think of contract, this customers dark wood floors compliment the light walls perfectly!

Do Not Spend A Fortune

There are so many ways to save when it comes to giving your home a facelift. Paint can get expensive, instead of mixing a color you pick, check out the “mistint” paint at your hardware store! Many people get paint from hardware stores and it turns out to not the be color that they envisioned, so they return it. Instead of the paint going to waste, hardware stores will discount the paint and sell it again. You can get what is normally a $50 gallon of paint for $10 or less! Do not go to the high priced stores for “rustic décor”, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces to style around your space at antique stores or thrift stores that you never even knew you needed. From art work, to knick-knacks, to rugs, even furniture. Check out the antique bed frame and the church pew used as extra seating in the pictures below. Both cost a fraction of what new furniture would cost, and they both have WAY more personality. Not to mention the various trinkets styled through out the space, most of which were reclaimed from Goodwill.

Make It Yourself

Sometimes you have the perfect vision of what you need to decorate your ideal environment, but you can not find the items you are envisioning anywhere! Take this as a challenge to create your own one of a kind pieces. We live in the age of DIY trends and life hacks, why not form one of your own right? Need something to cover your walls? Take a look at the unique wall hangings this customer created out of various yarns and strings. It creates texture to the walls in the space, adds another neutral element to ground the color palate established, and takes up a large portion of the wall so no need for multiple art pieces! Another money saving tip to use in you DIY project is to incorporate more thrift store items, they created a print using a movie poster frame they got for $2!